Web Designers Profile

Hi, I am Alpesh Shaparia I love designing Interactive Web sites, and it is fantastic that people pay me to do something I love.

I have been working full-time freelance for almost 3 years now and I have been doing part-time freelance since 1998. There is nothing more rewarding than managing your own creative process and producing creative that has not been tampered with by an overly opinionated supervisor. Being the master of your own domain is truly a pleasure, especially when it comes to producing a flawlessly designed Web site.

Of course, freelance is not without its headaches, and I hope to help you avoid some of them in the following paragraphs. Learn from my mistakes and successes, and you will find building your freelance Web design business to be a very rewarding endeavor, both for your ego and your pocket book.

We have 10 designer and developer as total members and management team as below...

1. Qutub Bharmal - Web Master

Qutub, the maestro of all the nitty-gritty of Web. He holds Masters degree in Computer Applications. Qutub possess the unique approach to deliver solutions which turns complexity into the simplicity. This charming guy's pleasant personality itself gives you the assuring and relaxing smile. Qutub's analytical mind, contingency approach towards solution and understanding of web structure obviously makes him the spider man of www.

2. Piyush Solanki - Chief Designer

It seems sometimes that Piyush has the deep impression of art culture belong to Paris. He holds Fine Arts degree. Meet Piyush! With his capability to see the other side of any aspect and superlative graphics designing abilities he will show your imaginations on computer screen. In conversation with you he will capture your idea and key points and will show you in his creation. Very organized person in life, Piyush's artistic and creative mind can be seen easily from his overall personality.

3. Mehul Shukla - Software Developer

Developing software to implement business processes always fascinates this guy. Certainly, you will come out of the general conceptions about software developers of being mostly quiet and living with extra sophistication after meeting Mehul. Being jolly and sharp at a time is the special characteristic of Mehul. He has superior abilities and experiences of software engineering on Microsoft Technologies.

4. Viral Chauhan - Script Writer

If you find Viral introvert at first glance then just wait, he has some better words to represent your thoughts and you'll find him unstoppable chatter later. Obsessively in love with rock music, reading, writing and open source technologies, this guy also steal time to roam around and to have long drives. While playing zig-zag of words of English, Hindi and Gujarati he respects languages in their pure form.