CMS Development

Content Management System or in short CMS allows managing large web system which could serve your web site on the Internet or corporate communication on corporate Intranet.

In most of the cases it uses database as its backend. Now a day XML files, RDF files and various other formats are also supported as the backend of CMS. It allows addition or modification of the content without prior knowledge of web technologies like HTML etc. On the other end it generates pages with most robust HTML code that any web browser can understand and thus display the content. Some of the standard features of CMS could be:

• Copy and paste content from any word processing software (like Microsoft Word)
• Easy-to-use Web based administrative interface
• Administrative interface is password-protected
• Content can be scheduled for publication a year in advance
• Content can be scheduled to expire on a given date, or can be archived
• You control the placement of current news items on the home page
• Add your own hypertext links
• Ability to use selected HTML tags within the content
• Ability to upload and link images, PDF documents, HTML files
• Ability to "include" formatted HTML pages
• Easy integration with a web publishing tool like Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive.
• Content is stored in a database for easy and fast access
• Online print and user manual with easy-to-follow screen images

We offers CMS solutions based on various open source and free CMS. We also manage the hosting of the CMS on your web domain. We offer various customization in standard offerings that suites your requirements.

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